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Case Study : David Dubois, David Dubois Insurance

How did you first learn of Vanquish?
From a PC Magazine....I'm not sure which one at this time.

Describe your situation pre-Vanquish.
Our office staff had over 150 spam/junk emails each day.

What did you purchase from Vanquish and why?
I have tried other services; however, the Vanquish staff worked with me to set this up and made the installation very easy.

Since implementation, how has your situation changed?
We have been using for 3 months and it has virtually stopped all spam, as well as catching all viruses, while letting customers mail still get through to us.

What benefits have you seen as a result of bringing in Vanquish?
There is no clogging of my hard drives, and there is time savings with each of my 4 employees as they no longer need to review spam messages.

Who do you think would benefit most from Vanquish?
Either a one user homeowner, or a business like ours. The cost is reasonable and it works!

How would you describe your experience in dealing with Vanquish?
Excellent and prompt customer service. Phil was great!

Would you recommend Vanquish to other insurance companies and why? is easy to implement with no hardware or major IT expertise needed in-house.

What has been the reaction/feedback from those on your network protected by Vanquish?
I asked my users how the mail is working and they state they no longer get any spam.

What is your favorite feature of Vanquish?
When I email a customer, this email address is automatically added to my Allow List.

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