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Case Study : Ric Patton, Greater Dallas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

How did you first learn of Vanquish?
I discovered Vanquish Labs while searching for an effective solution to our growing spam problem. I spent a considerable amount of time on the Internet reading numerous product comparisons and evaluations. What I found was a solution with an entirely new approach. I remember one of the published comments stating, "This could be the future of anti-spam products."

Describe your situation pre-Vanquish.
Most of our management personnel are members of distribution lists at other organizations, meaning that their email addresses are stored in systems where security may be less of a concern. Consequently, these users receive much more spam than anyone else in our organization. We installed stand-alone versions of a product called Mailshell. It delayed the opening of Outlook, sometimes for several minutes, while it slowly scanned each message in the Inbox; even if the message had been scanned previously. The more spam a user received, the longer they had to wait. It was eventually was discarded due to the high number of user complaints.

What did you purchase from Vanquish and why?
Vanquish offered an innovative approach to the problem of spam. The vast majority of spam is eliminated before the user ever sees it. I am able to choose which email addresses need Vanquish protection, and can change them at any time.

Since implementation, how has your situation changed?
Vanquish has "empowered" our users. Each person can choose to accept or block messages, senders, or domains as they see fit with no effect on other users' mail. Also, user complaints have dropped to zero.

What benefits have you seen as a result of bringing in Vanquish?
I am no longer required to address issues of excessive spam. Nor do I need to be concerned about users accidentally opening suspicious attachments. The users are more productive, since they are no longer required to contend with unwanted email.

Who do you think would benefit most from Vanquish?
I can only speak to the vqNow solution, but I feel quite comfortable saying that any organization hosting its own mail server should consider Vanquish as an anti-spam solution. Spam will cease to be an issue.

How would you describe your experience in dealing with Vanquish?
I was most impressed with everyone I have spoken with at Vanquish Labs. These people know their business. Although we are a very small installation, spam is just as much a problem to us as it is to larger organizations. In every contact with Vanquish staff, I was treated as though I was their top client. My questions were always answered thoroughly. Conversations were never rushed and explanations were never unclear.

Would you recommend Vanquish to other insurance companies and why?
Anti-spam software requires annual license renewals and periodic updates to maintain its performance. It must also process email after it arrives, making it yet another parasite to system resources. The vqNow solution requires no hardware or software and delivers only legitimate email to the user, at a fraction of the price of other less effective solutions.

What has been the reaction/feedback from those on your network protected by Vanquish?
When I ask users how they like the new anti-spam solution, the comments are always positive. Most forget it is even there. All they know is that the spam has stopped.

What is your favorite feature of Vanquish?
Choosing a favorite feature is not an easy task.
For the user: Being able to "define" what they consider to be spam. The same message is not necessarily spam to every user that receives it.
For the organization: The cost. My executive staff still cannot believe the cost.
For me: The minimal amount of training and support required... and the fact that I am considered by everyone to be a hero!

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