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Case Study : Tony Lutman, Bishop Kelley High School

How did you first learn of Vanquish?
I'd already been looking around for a spam solution to cover my entire school. I was referred by a friend who'd already been trying Vanquish for about 1 year & the other referral came from a tech company we do business with for other solutions.

Describe your situation pre-Vanquish.
I believe in open Internet and email access. Filters arenít perfect in that theyíll all filter out some of the good and pass through some of the bad. I choose Vanquish because I don't believe in filtering, period....on anything & thatís what the majority of the solutions out there on the market today are all about. The sender confirmation idea is far better than filtering. With it, messages from new contacts are assured delivery through many mechanisms rather than the filtering concept thatís subjective under the rules of the filter.

What did you purchase from Vanquish and why?
I started out with a trial account then moved on to 11 personal vqME accounts. I used these for 2 months and saw that it really did the job. I then moved on to the implementation I really wanted, which was the all-school solution. I should also note that Vanquish was quite fair and credited us the unused portion of the 11 personal accounts toward the use of the all-school appliance solution.

Since implementation, how has your situation changed?
So far, everyoneís happy. There are no longer complaints about spam - and that's a good sign. Most wouldnít notice that viruses and phishing scams are also being removed, but since the health of these machines rely on me - Iím glad Vanquish is trying to remove those things. I do have Symantec Anti-Virus Enterprise on each computer, but having clean email is my peace of mind. I've personally been amazed by the productís performance.

What benefits have you seen as a result of bringing in Vanquish?
The painless blocking of spam, phishing and virus contaminated email. It just works, period. Of course, one of the underrated benefits is the time savings. Their email IS what they need. During the learning process, users feel uneasy without being able to check held email each day, but this is proving to eventually being unnecessary as the Allowed Lists are automatically populated.

Who do you think would benefit most from Vanquish?
For anyone faced with a spam problem, for $24.95 @ year, Vanquish is a good buy. I also feel the appliance is a good deal as, for us, it will be used to protect the entire school, (900 students & approximately 100 faculty) and its flexibility will allow me to protect other schools within our diocese. I'm certainly looking forward to take advantage of this. For example, one of the schools, St. Pius X K-8, uses YAHOO mail. I think YAHOO mail does include some "filtering" of their email. What Vanquish and Iíd offer is the promise that NO mail will be mistakenly put in JUNK mail by the system.

How would you describe your experience in dealing with Vanquish?
I've been a customer of the vqME product for about 4 months and this purchase went off without a hitch. Implementing my appliance to protect our mail server did raise some questions and operational issues. So, although there've been some startup issues and I would expect this with any piece of computer gear, I've been exceptionally pleased with the both the level and speed of response to my support needs. In some cases, my input had a quick and direct effect on the addition of new features or modification to the user presentation. They are clearly customer service minded, and given their track record with me, up to this point, I've every confidence in the company and their solutions.

Where there specific problems to speak of during your installation?:
As expected with any technology product, there were a few glitches during startup. What impressed me was the attention and speed in which these issues were handled.

Would you recommend Vanquish to other educational institutions & why?
Yes. Because it works. I find it very difficult to elaborate on this. Filtering works 95-98% of the time ... Vanquish works 100% of the time.

What has been the reaction to those on your network now protected by Vanquish?
The feedback has all been excellent. Everyone Iíve spoken with has been extremely pleased with our new email security system. No more spam and no more Identity Theft scams.

What is your favorite feature of Vanquish?
The upcoming ability to customize Challenge Response - I'm looking forward to being able to customize this to express to parents that BKHS (Bishop Kelley High School), in an effort to keep information flowing freely, has selected a non-filter based solution by Vanquish.

What feature do you dislike the most?
Not any features really, this is more of a documentation issue - Itíd be helpful if Vanquish made a statement to IT Managers that own their email server, they may still receive spam if they leave their email server IP published as a secondary MX. I should note, this change has already been made in their documentation.

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