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Case Study : Steven J. Iozza, Lowrie, Lando, & Anastasi

How did you first learn of Vanquish?
It was a personal referral from an internal Vanquish contact.

Describe your situation pre-Vanquish.
I was using Trend Microís Client-Server Messaging Suite Scan Mail Anti-Spam feature but it didnít allow me to preview blocked messages and when messages were blocked, it would sent back a text message format which I didnít like. This was a low-end solution that really didnít do a very good job in differentiating what messages needed to be and didnít need to be blocked.

What did you purchase from Vanquish and why?
We purchased their Server Appliance Model 750 Ė It was the answer for us; a reliable, on-site solution that protects confidential information & is easy to maintain.

Since implementation, how has your situation changed?
We saw a dramatic drop-off of spam reaching users inboxes. We still receive tons of spam but now 95 - 96 % is blocked by Vanquish.

What benefits have you seen as a result of bringing in Vanquish?
There has virtually been no spam in the inbox, an easy to maintain on-site solution, straightforward routine in order to configure & check Held Mail, the program is always up, and each userís ability to configure their account preferences.

Who do you think would benefit most from Vanquish?
This is the solution for those where spam is a constant problem, and are looking for a dependable, serious email program.

How would you describe your experience in dealing with Vanquish?
I found Vanquish to be accommodating, questions were always addressed, and there is great live support.

Where there specific problems to speak of during your installation?
I found there to be a bit of a learning curve, however, this can also be attributed to the level of the userís knowledge and desire.

Would you recommend Vanquish to other law firms & why?
Yes, I would recommend Vanquish for its complete spam & virus protection and intelligence in its email program operation.

What has been the reaction/feedback to those on your network now protected by Vanquish?
Overall, the reactions has been positive, though there have been personal suggestions from the field that I have passed onto the Vanquish Team. For example, allowing individual personalization of the confirmation requests sent out, instead of just the standard text, sending out a reminder notification once every couple of days to remind users of their Held Mail status, ie., number of messages, how long held, etc. and his having to add to Allow Domains due to law industry deadlines & sensitivity for potentially missed documents.

What is your favorite feature of Vanquish?
All of the features have been great, very beneficial, from Subject Match to Surf Match to Smart List, etc., and how the system learns once Held Mail has been released.

What do you think about the Custom Sender Confirmation Branding feature?
It is an interesting concept, a good idea, with a bit of advertising & personalization thrown in.

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