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Case Study : Laura, LMIC

How did you first learn of Vanquish?
PC Magazine.

Describe your situation pre-Vanquish.
We had no protection & were receiving tons of spam, several hundred a week.

What did you purchase from Vanquish and why?
vqNOW it was the best choice for us because we could apply up to 10 email addresses. We don't have 10 addresses now, but we still have the capacity to add a few more on, as we intend to do next summer. In addition, no software needed to be installed & no need for us to purchase hardware. Phil in Tech Support was great & really took the time to take care of us.

Since implementation, how has your situation changed?
We now receive a lot less spam. Most of what we receive now is what we want to be seeing.

What benefits have you seen as a result of bringing in Vanquish?
Sorting through email is no longer a time-consuming issue because everything's legitimate.

Who do you think would benefit most from Vanquish?
Smaller companies that are facing either having no or inefficient spam filtering.

How would you describe your experience in dealing with Vanquish?
The customer/tech support has been just great.

What has been the reaction/feedback from those on your network protected by Vanquish?
Very positive; they have been surprised at how well it works.

What is your favorite feature of Vanquish?
The Control Stripe being able to decide what I want to see & what I don't.

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