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Our Mission

Since our inception in 2001, our mission has been to restore trust and respect to email, and in the process, protect you and your business from electronic intrusion and harm.

It's a big job, considering that 74% of the 191 billion email messages sent daily are irrelevant, patently offensive or downright dangerous.*

It's an important job, too. Your identity, your money and your business all are at risk from the viruses and financial traps lurking in untrusted email.

Unlike any other email security company, we see the battle against spam as a two-part strategy. The first part, we can fight and win immediately; the second stage which is already beginning to unfold constitutes a whole new way of restoring value to email and ending spam forever with economics. Email the way it was meant to be: Fast, free, universal and trustable.

So our business and the products we offer, follow this two-stage path.

  1. Empower individuals and businesses to keep spam out, now.
  2. Destroy the root cause of spam so that in the future there is no economic motive for spammers to spam.

Not only is our approach unique. So is our technology. We hold several patents on email management techniques. In brief, rather than focus on the message content of email, we concern ourselves with the way you surf the web, your preferences for handling email, and your personal style of communicating with others. It's about respect. For your interests. And your time.

*Radicatti Group, 2004
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