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Frank Urro, Senior Partner & Co-Founder

Frank Urro photo by Dina Konovalov

Frank Urro is a Senior Partner and Co-Founder of the company. He is responsible for product evolution and marketing.

Vanquish is the culmination of Frank's vision to facilitate legitimization and assured delivery of desirable communication through the use of Sender-to-Recipient Cash Guarantees that empower and engage the consumer. Although Vanquish is seen by many as an anti-spam company, the vision of Provider/Recipient Respect through Personal Message Guarantees, is at the core of every product and every market served by Vanquish.

Focusing on consumer satisfaction, Mr. Urro has centered his career efforts on the delivery of profitable products to his channel partners. His success developing consumer satisfaction strategies, together with his sales and marketing experience, lead to his economic modeling that corrects the costly injustice inflicted on consumers and their ISPs.

Prior to joining the founding team at Vanquish, Mr. Urro held various positions at Andover Controls, Inc., a worldwide leader in building automation control that built their strength on the arms of independent VARs. In the early stages of Andover Controls, he started as an Applications Engineer & Training Instructor and soon was promoted to Manager. He next advanced to Product Engineer/ Systems Development responsible for increasing profitability through lower cost to install. Then, as Senior Systems Specialist, Mr. Urro was responsible for custom project solutions and tactical customer sales for both national and international markets. For seven years Mr. Urro served as Andover Controls' New England and Eastern Canada Regional Manager. During that period he was responsible for 13 resellers and managed an independent 22 person sales force which generated $45M in annual sales. He also formed the Andover Special Projects Solutions Group, a software solutions team that marketed custom services to Andover Controls' resellers, and increased profitability for both the reseller and supplier.

Mr. Urro holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University (1983).

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