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Harold Weiss - Senior Partner & Co-Founder

Harold Weiss photo by Dina Konovalov

Harold Weiss is a Senior Partner and Co-Founder of the company. His responsibilities include engineering management, Treasurer and Secretary of the corporation.

In a distinguished engineering career leading up to Vanquish, Mr. Weiss served for seven years as Manager of Hardware Development for North American operations of Comverse Technology, Inc., the largest provider of voicemail systems in the world. While at Comverse he was responsible for hardware development and support for all US-built products, with over $300M in annual sales.

In 1986 he joined Mr. Raymond to co-found IMCO Electronics, Inc. (originally and until 1990, Architectural Communications, Inc.) IMCO was a LAN manufacturer and the preferred solution for industrial, HVAC, building and environmental control networks. IMCO was ultimately acquired by MORE Industrial Manufacturing of Korea, after which Mr. Weiss continued as Vice President for Engineering and was responsible for development and manufacture of their products. Mr. Weiss was previously Vice President of Engineering at Datatrol, Inc., a leading supplier of credit authorization terminals and systems, where he was in charge of hardware and software development for products that generated annual sales of $15M. Under his leadership, the company successfully introduced credit and debit card terminals into gas stations, with some of the major customers including American Express, Mobil, Shell and Texaco.

Early in his career, Mr. Weiss held various engineering positions at Dennison, a major supplier of labeling and tagging for industry and retailing; Infoton, a manufacturer of video display terminals; Iomec, manufacturer of line printers; and Litton Industries (Sweda). During this period, he developed large computer systems, high-speed printers, military airborne data collection systems, high-density magnetic tape recording systems and intra-building data communication systems. While at Litton Industries, Mr. Weiss developed the first microprocessor-driven POS terminal, which preceded the first Intel microprocessor by two years, and was widely used in the U.S. and Europe.

Mr. Weiss holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (1960), and a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (1963), both from M.I.T.

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