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Domino Anti Spam

Vanquish offers two solutions designed to deliver an effective, zero maintenance Lotus spam filter.

Domino Anti Spam has been elevated to a new level with Vanquish's self-learning Editor's Choice technology. Select from either vqNOW (our hosted anti spam solution) or vqSA (our anti spam appliance) to meet your Lotus Notes spam blocker needs. Simply route your inbound email traffic through your preferred Vanquish solution and your needs for a cost effective, low maintenance, Domino anti spam system have been met.

An optimized Domino Anti Spam solution – Vanquish does not burden your Lotus Domino Server by taxing it with Lotus spam filter software functions. Vanquish's Domino anti spam solution is SMTP-based so all the heavy processing takes place off of your Lotus Domino server and before spam or viruses have a chance to violate it. Now, there is one decision you must make. Would you rather your Lotus spam filter load be handled at our data center (see vqNOW below,) or would you rather your Lotus spam filter load be handled with your own Domino anti spam appliance placed in your data center (see vqSA below.)

vqNOW, a hosted Domino Anti Spam service - Whether you own your Lotus Domino server or purchase Domino hosting, vqNOW delivers an unmatched Lotus spam filter solution. With no hardware to purchase or maintain, vqNOW offers affordable email security without the overhead or hassles of appliance or software management.

vqSA, a Domino Anti Spam appliance - The vqSA is at the heart of the PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice service delivered by Vanquish. If you prefer to own an anti spam appliance solution verses purchase hosted anti spam services, the Vanquish vqSA is the perfect choice to meet your Domino Anti Spam needs. Adding a vqSA to your local network will provide a Lotus spam filter that is completely self-learning based on your local email usage.

Select your Domino Anti Spam Solution
Hosted Lotus Spam Filter
Lotus Spam Filter Appliance
Note: vqME, Vanquish's Personal Anti Spam product does not support Lotus Domino.
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