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Integration is Key

Vanquish delivers Integrated Personal Protection. This means, we never rely on any one technology alone and we don't pretend to be a moral guardian of what you want (or don't want) to see. Our technology does not filter trapped messages based on rules defined by a Big Brother or by automatically discriminating against an unfamiliar Internet address.

Our suite of technology is smart, interconnected, self-learning and very personal. Our Smart Features learn better what you do (and do not) appreciate in email every time you send and receive messages, or surf the web and post your email address.

If one of our Smart Allow Features isn't certain a message is legitimate, your Personal Smart Filter kicks in, using your continually learned content desires, to test the message. Should the filter also decide the message is not fit for delivery, Sender Address Confirmation is at your disposal (optional) to further automate the process of verifying the validity of the sender's address.

"Sender Confirmation" is an optional feature that assures and confirms delivery of messages coming from real people should a message be unknowingly held up as possible spam. If the sender is legit, you get your message and the sender gets a confirmation of delivery! This provides a human interactive process (HIP) and is something that a filter alone would rely on you to do manually. With Vanquish, you never have to do a thing, or worry that important messages won't come through.

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