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Personalized Sender Confirmation

If your current Smart Features accidentally block a legitimate message, our Sender Confirmation Safety Net will (if the feature is turned on) instantly issue the Sender a personal notification allowing their message to be moved from your spam folder into your inbox. Who knows? It could be a long lost friend! Or a business associate who isn't already on your Allow List and is emailing you content that your Personal SmartFilter has not yet learned of.

Et voila, the sender solves the security puzzle releasing the message into your inbox and your Personal Anti-Spam learns even more on your behalf. Robots and dubious mass marketers don't (or can't) reply, and the bogus message is banished to the trash where it belongs.

People receiving a confirmation request will know it's you! Any hesitations about confirmation challenges are gone.
Your security messages are presented under your image and reflect your reputation for privacy and security.
For businesses, all your outgoing confirmations present a unified look.

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      Your Logo!

View this full-size example from Bear Valley Real Estate

Vanquish will host Personalized Sender Confirmations for a small annual fee per protected account. Select Personalization option at buy now page for respective pricing.

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