Philip Raymond
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Philip Raymond at University of MontrealCryptocurrency / Blockchain Qualifications
             #bitcoin, #blockchain, #crypsa, #fiatcurrency, #cryptocurrency



1. Organized, produced and hosted “The Bitcoin Event” in New York


2. CEO / Co-Chair of CRYPSA (Cryptocurrency Standards Association)


3. Keynote Speaker: 2017 Digital Currency Summit, Johannesburg S.Africa


4. Admin/Moderator: Bitcoin P2P, 20,000 member LinkedIN community;
        the largest LinkedIN group & largest Bitcoin community anywhere


5. Bitcoin Journalist: Lifeboat Foundation, A Wild Duck, Sophos (Naked
        Security Newsletter) and Quora.



Philip Raymond at University of Tampa6. Consultant to 3 of the top 10 banks on strategic plans to offer, broker, guarantee or mitigate Bitcoin services


7. Formed Insurance/Underwriter’s Digital Currency Committee (IU-DCC)  for standards organization
     (Active in policy, risk assessment and the specification of actuarial standards & tools for the insurance industry)


8. Active member of New Money Systems Board at Lifeboat Foundation.


9. Headline speaker at a University of Montreal privacy workshop.  [video]  [announcement]

     Headline speaker: University of Tampa—1st Bitcoin Event:  [video]


10. Organized and taught a business encryption seminar (became a standard for Verizon privacy management)


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