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The Vanquish Lab

It’s amazing how fast technology evolves. Yet, with all of the instruments the Internet has provided, somehow tools that guarantee respect seem to have been overlooked. This lack of respect is tarnishing email usability for the recipients, as well as the legitimate sender.

As a company with a strong vision and superior engineering talent, Vanquish is focused on the “root” of the problem. We’re working hard putting the simple idea of “respect” into a powerful and personal product.

While businesses have always enjoyed and prospered from the power of economics, Vanquish is pioneering ways of putting this power into the hands of every email user as the ultimate weapon against spam.

Here in The Lab, you can learn about what we have on the drawing board, as well as the numerous benefits to everyone that uses email.

Things like Personal Value Control, the Penalty Button, and other tools that make email security easier, more personalized and, most importantly, a medium bound by mutual respect.

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The Lab
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