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Economics Will End Spam

Your email address is valuable! That’s why scammers and legitimate marketers alike will do almost anything to get it.

Once they have it, you are bombarded with stuff that is rarely relevant and can be downright dangerous . . . in the form of viruses and identity theft (a.k.a. phishing).

Why? Because spamming is virtually free to do. A spammer can unleash MILLIONS OF EMAILS for about $20. Anonymously. Email actually favors criminals and indiscriminate email marketing.

Even the best technology is only a temporary safeguard. And “just OK” spam protection is worse than no protection at all because you think you’re safe and drop your guard against ever-more-clever scammers.

By the way, perfectly legitimate, respected and well-intentioned businesses use email to communicate with current and future customers (you included). This is fair. This is good. But the value of email as a legitimate marketing channel is almost nil if neither the sender (marketer) nor the recipient (you) can trust it.

BOTTOM LINE: as long as it’s financially favorable to use email recklessly, spam will keep getting worse.

What are the leading economic options for email?

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