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Personal Value Control™

Personal Value Control delivers unprecedented economic power to the email address owner. Itís the ultimate answer to the lack of respect spammers have for your inbox.

The idea is simple and yet very powerful. Personal Value Control tells commercial emailers that your time will cost them money if they disrespect you and your interests. Studies show that once there is a cost consequence to sending badly targeted messages, those messages (the spam) stop really quick.

Personal Value Control (PV) becomes fully active the minute the sender and recipient are communicating with PV-enhanced email, whether itís installed on your desktop or activated by your Internet Service Provider.

Thousands of Personal Value Control enhanced personal and business email accounts are already enjoying the benefits today. If your email is Personal Value Control enhanced and people sending you email are not, there are two things you can do:

  1. Tell them to demand Personal Value Control!!! Call your ISP, tell your friends, insist on it for the benefit of mankind.
  2. Enjoy all of the other award-winning anti-spam and security features of Vanquish which work perfectly with any kind of email system, even those that are not Personal Value Control enhanced
Personal Value Control keeps desirable email free and makes email more enjoyable and cost-effective for everyone:

The satisfaction of spam-free, highly relevant messages Ė content that matches your interests. Collect penalty fees from junk mailers.


Your customers get respect you get no spam complaints. New revenue generated by fees from marketers. Ability to enhance your service offerings and increase your competitive edge.


Lower costs of email marketing programs coupled with higher quality attention to your message. More sales. Happier customers.

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