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Taking Control

At the heart of our Personal Value Control engine is a patented innovation called Personal Message Bonding™. It works deep inside the email transmission process to guarantee that commercial email is backed by real money that the sender will forfeit if they annoy you.

Who gets the forfeited money? You do! - A little payback, finally.
What can you do with it? Anything! - Keep it, spend it, or donate it to charity.

The user simply presses the Penalty Button located in the Vanquish anti-spam control panel. One click tells commercial senders they’ve intruded upon you and provided no value. Ouch, and that’s going to cost them.

The financial penalty can be as low as a fraction of a penny to as much as . . . well, you set the limit. This imposes a rate-limiting effect on commercial senders from targeting the globe with a single email.

Commercial senders know this risk up front, and they factor it into their “who gets this email” decisions. The result is more precisely targeted email and, in fact, lower costs as marketers pare down their mailings.

The bond for each mail in today’s Vanquish system is set at a 5 cents. We are at work on the next-generation product that will allow users to set their own value and let commercial senders compete economically for the privilege of gaining your attention.

That’s ultimate control. Ultimate individuality. Ultimate protection.

True economic empowerment.

Spammers and lazy marketers fear the button. Legitimate senders say "it’s about time!"

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