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Earned Trust

The Vanquish system is unique. And very simple.

Unlike other trust-based ideas you’ve heard about, Vanquish responds to what people do, not who they say they are.

For example, the notion of a "caller ID" system for email would, even if it worked, only tell you who’s sending you something, not whether they’ve demonstrated trustworthy behavior.

With Vanquish-enhanced email trust occurs the old fashioned way . . . with money. Your satisfaction with email is literally guaranteed by the Personal Message Bond™ which puts commercial emailers at financial risk for sending you bogus messages and offers. Once they’ve proven their respect for you, in that you have not rejected their contact, hence “Earning your Trust” a risk free relationship has been formed. It gives businesses a way to establish ongoing trust right up front and serve their customers quickly with total confidence.

For the marketer, the concept of earned trust eliminates the biggest fears of email communication to existing customers.

No fear of:

  1. Losing outbound messages to spam filters.
  2. Paying for message delivery.
  3. Getting penalized by an existing customer.
  4. Being confused with spam.

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