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How do you inject economics into a "free" global email system?

Definitely not with digital postage, e-stamps or other pay-for-play "micropayment" ideas you may have heard about. The Bolshevik revolution will look like a birthday party compared to the uproar that will result if you sell out the consumer by putting a usage tax on normal email.

Here’s a quick overview of the economic formats taking shape.

The Good

Personal Value Control
Empowers individual users to put a value on their inbox. Senders of commercial email accept a financial risk (not a charge) for messages rejected by individuals as junk.

The Bad

Charges every sender for the privilege of sending email. 'Enough said!' Makes even legitimate individuals pay for normal email.

The Ugly

ISP "Waivers"
Bulk mailers pay ISPs to have their email certified and waived past spam filters. There is no mechanism for consumer control of, or reaction to, bogus irrelevant messages.

Find out more about this revolutionary approach!

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