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Vanquish Eliminates Spam Filters, Announces New Clean eMail Program for IT Service Providers

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., – With anti-spam filters rapidly becoming part of the problem they were designed to solve, Vanquish today announced a filterless zero-spam email platform for computer resellers and IT service providers nationwide.

Based on the company’s patented anti-spam technology, the Vanquish clean-email program allows providers to generate new revenues by reselling the Vanquish Anti-Spam Appliance or by using the Vanquish Virtual Service to host email accounts for customers.

"This is a huge opportunity for ISPs and IT resellers to defeat spam and to open new lines of business," said Frank Urro, Vanquish director of business development. "We hear a lot about the cost of spam but almost nothing about the upside business opportunity of clean email. This is the first program in the industry designed to recapture the lost economic opportunity of email services."

In a significant departure from previous approaches, Vanquish does not rely on software filters which trap messages based on tripwire words and phrases. And Vanquish is the only anti-spam platform on the market that can read "digital bonds" being used by some marketers to ensure delivery of legitimate email to consumers and business partners.

"Filters are a guessing game at best," says Urro. "They are increasingly ineffective as spammers simply outsmart them, and now we have a growing problem of legitimate messages being zapped by filters creating a crisis of confidence in whether your email is ever getting through or not. It's a serious problem for both businesses and consumers."

According to published industry statistics, anti-spam filters block nearly nine billion legitimate messages every day worldwide.

When Did Censorship Become a Good Idea?

Vanquish employs a suite of spam stopping techniques that tune themselves to each individual's actual Internet and email behavior.

Unlike filters, which try to guess which word or product might offend you, Vanquish learns on the fly, without user intervention, allowing all legitimate mail through while asking suspicious messages – those from unfamiliar sources – for further credentials.

Vanquish guarantees full and unfettered delivery of email from trusted web sites and trusted senders no matter what kind of words they might use in the message.

"We believe filters are a kind of big-brother censorship and they are as likely to squash a message from your old college roommate as they are from a criminal scammer," says Urro.

The Vanquish clean-email suite integrates a series of proven spam-stopping technologies into a single easy-to-use platform, including:

  • SmartList™: Automatically creates and maintains a personal list of desirable email addresses; all messages from these addresses are delivered instantly;
  • SmartSubject™: Automatically records and maintains a list of subjects of your recently sent messages, this allows anyone replying to your message instant delivery;
  • SurfMatch™: Automatically records and maintains a list of web sites where you’ve asked for information; these domains are allowed instant email delivery to your inbox;
  • Sender Confirmation: Senders that are not approved for delivery to your inbox are automatically sent an invitation to confirm their identity, a technique that quickly eliminates the vast quantity of unsolicited computer-generated emails.
  • Personal Message Bonding: Tags individual emails with electronic vouchers showing that the message is backed by money the sender is willing to lose if you decide the email is spam.

The complete Vanquish solution is offered in the Vanquish Anti-Spam Appliance and in the Vanquish Virtual Service, which allows resellers to offer a hardware-free anti-spam service to its customers.

Pricing and Availability

Entry level pricing begins with the Vanquish Virtual Service starting at $50.00 annually for 10 clean email accounts ranging up to $1,800 annually for 500 email accounts

The Vanquish Anti-Spam Appliance ranges in price from $1,399 for 750 users to $4,999 for 15,000 users. Respective annual software updates range from $270.00 to $1,350.

About Vanquish

Based in Marlborough, Mass., Vanquish is pioneering filterless anti-spam technology as well as the application of economics in the battle against email spam. The company holds key patents on the "sender liability" approach to email delivery and is delivering both commercial and consumer grade products to liberate email from the plague of spam. These products include the Vanquish Anti-Spam Appliance, Vanquish Virtual Service for technology resellers, and the VQME consumer web-mail service. Visit for more information.

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