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Vanquish Anti Spam Comparison

Features / Products Personal Anti-Spam Hosted Anti-Spam Anti-Spam Appliance
Personal Anti-Spam Hosted Anti-Spam Anti-Spam Appliance
Customer Type Home User Business (Small Medium - Enterprise

Business (Medium
Enterprise, ESP / ASP

Price $39.95/yr $225/yr $385/yr
Hardware Cost $0 $0 Starting at $3750
Number of protected email addresses 5 5 - unlimited 750, 2.5K, 7.5K,
15K - &up
Supports additional protected addresses* V V V
Web-based Interface V V V
Live Technical support V V V
Install Wizard for MS Windows Outlook (pop/IMap) / Outlook Express V N/A N/A
Supports Firefox, Opera, Eudora Incredimail, TheBat, PocoMail and more via manual configuration mode V V V
Supports Windows, Mac, Linux & BSD V V V
Support for Mobile Devices (Palm, Blackberry) V V V
V-Smart. Features included All All All
Supports (optional) Personalized Sender Confirmation V V V
Supports MS Exchange   V V
Supports Lotus Domino   V V
Supports Novel Groupwise   V V
Personal User Settings per protected address   V V
Separate Password per email address   V V
Separate Self-Learning Personality per protected email address   V V
Email capacity per day 3,000 20K & up 750K - 10M
Powered by Best in Class 'vq' Technology V V V
* Price per additional address . purchased online* $39.95/5/yr $1.32 - $3.75/mth volume based Less than $0.71/yr volume based * *
* * The purchase of additional address protection capacity may require a hardware upgrade** N/A N/A Yes
Satisfaction Guarantee Free Trial & 30 Day Money Back 30 Day Money Back 30 Day Money Back
How to Buy Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

V-Smart Features

  • Smart List™: Automatically builds and maintains a list of authorized senders.
  • Smart Subject™: Allows email from anyone responding to a message sent by you.
  • SurfMatch™: Recognizes and allows an incoming message from an e-business where you have made a purchase, subscribed to a newsletter, requested a catalog or otherwise, asked for future information.
  • Personal Smart Filtering™: Learns the context in which each user uses email and performs accordingly.
  • Enhanced Sender Confirmation: Eliminate the anxiety of .spam folder review. by allowing first time legitimate senders to ensure delivery of their message.
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CNet : 4.5 User Rating

4.5 Stars - User Rated


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