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Why Vanquish Anti Spam Solutions?

Q - What's all the buzz about "V-Smart™" technology?

A - Your Spam Filtering solution should learn your business - You should not have to teach it. V-Smart is our definition of our highly integrated features that teach each other as you use email. V-Smart is the reason for our PC Magazine Editors Choice Award and our listing by PC Magazine as Top Pick for the Small Business.

Q How does V-Smart technology handle unique spam such as pdf spam, image spam and greeting card spam?

A pdf spam, as well as image spam, greeting card spam and others, have no positive effect at getting past Vanquish defenses. Pdf spam, image spam and greeting card spam are no different than other forms of spam in that the content within the message must be highly relevant to your past communications before the message is delivered. That said, while Vanquish is effective at stopping pdf spam, image spam and greeting card spam it does not stop the legitimate forms of these messages from legitimate contacts. Vanquish subscribers do not have a problem with pdf spam as they did not have a problem with image spam or greeting card spam.

Q Challenge Response -or- Vanquish's Enhanced Sender Confirmation™? What is the difference?

A Challenge Response (C/R) systems keep track of your known email addresses (commonly referred to as your white list). Now, anyone not on your white list is treated as a possible spammer and therefore their message is held back from your inbox and the sender will be sent a challenge. This could delay you seeing the message until the sender replies to the Challenge Response request, or worse, the C/R request could be seen as an annoyance by the sender. Since running a business usually means that you commonly receive emails from new contacts you will have each of these contacts burdened by C/R request. So, the question you should ask yourself is; Do I really want to send every new customer a challenge response message? Enhanced Sender Confirmation works differently than standard C/R in that it is tightly integrated with your Smart Filter™. As your Smart Filter learns your business (usually within a few days of operation) very few of your new customers (in the area of 1 in 1000) may receive a Sender Confirmation Request. Therefore, Enhanced Sender Confirmation, while it does get it roots from C/R, is a seldom-used but much appreciated false positive safety-net designed specifically to allow the occasionally falsely accused legitimate message a means of passage to your inbox without burdening you with sift through your spam folder. More information about properly implemented Challenge Response can be found here.

Q - Is it true that businesses pay employees to read spam?

A - Very much so. Many publications regularly run these numbers. The average small business could be paying employees to read and delete spam to the tune of $1000/yr or more. Not to mention the cost incurred should an employee click on something and get side tracked, or worse infect their computer or the business network.

Q - What is the cost to train a Vanquish Anti Spam system?

A Nothing, that's the beauty. Once the email address has been entered into the vq system you just use email. Let the suite of integrated V-Smart features do the rest.

Q Who defines the spam rules that will ultimately block spam from the inbox?

A Your personal message flow does. With every message sent and received your personal rules to block spam because better and better. And, no one but you and your contact ever reads or processes your email in an attempt to determine if it is spam.

Q How will one employee's spam rules impact another employee?

A There is not impact. Every user on a Vanquish Anti Spam system gets a unique experience because V-Smart learns on an account-by-account basis and creates a separate learned knowledge base for each user.

Q What type of support do you offer?

A Well, this is what really separates Vanquish from the pack. Vanquish always has real Vanquish staff, on site here in Marlboro MA, answering real questions when you need them the most.

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