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 vqNOW Hosted Anti Spam Service Requirements

All you need is an Internet connection, a registered web domain (i.e., and an active email service.

vqNOW scrubs your email clean before if reaches your current email provider or your desktop (or your in-house mail server.) Think car wash: Dirty car in, clean car out.

Most small businesses don't own their own email server. Typically, their email is distributed by their web hosting company or ISP. But it doesn't really matter to us. We'll make sure you get your mail, just the way you're getting it now. Without the junk, of course!

Email Applications: vqNOW works seamlessly with all popular (and even not so popular) email clients, from Microsoft Outlook, to Lotus Notes, to Thunderbird, to The Bat, to mobile clients such as Blackberry & Palm.

In-House Email Servers: If you do host your own email server inside your company, no worries. vqNOW is 100% compatible with anything you're using, such as MS Exchange, Domino, SendMail, and all the rest.

Browsers: Since you'll use the web to check your Held Mail and user settings, itís good to know vqNOW is compatible with all known web browsers on Windows, Mac or Linux.

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