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 vqME Personal Anti Spam How It Works

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Vanquish focuses on the assured delivery of legitimate mail. Our spam fighting features are deployed in layers creating a gauntlet of spam defenses.

Each layer of security communicates with the other, creating an interlocking intelligence that gets smarter – and more precise – each time you use your email or surf the web.

No other anti-spam solution delivers the level of security and total flexibility of Vanquish.

The New Symbol of Security
The distinctive Vanquish Control Panel is your symbol of protection and trust.

The Control Panel quickly tells you why a message has been delivered and the options you have if you decide the message is suspicious or outright junk.

Vanquish defeats spam and viruses automatically, but also allows you to block or even penalize unwanted messages or abusive senders. (Visit The Lab for more information about advanced features, like the Penalty Button.)

Spam Out of Control? Get The Control Panel.

Message from an approved sender (ex. on your Allow List)

A reply to one of your messages, from an unexpected sender.
Subject Match

Message from a web site you’ve visited and asked for info.
Domain Match

Message from another Vanquish user who has earned your trust via previous Bonded messaging, the penalty button is inactive.

Message content was approved by your Personal Smart Filter.

Control Panel in action

The life of an email

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