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Customer Testimonials

"In the real estate industry, I literally get scores of daily spam messages that are real estate industry specific and always a complete waste of time. Anyone in our industry knows these messages "1000 FREE REFERRALS!!!" etc. Vanquish has been absolutely superb in filtering these messages, yet letting legitimate messages through." more..

Joel Barnett, Owner
Bear Valley Real Estate

"Keep up the excellent work. I have not received a spam email in over two years. Your customer service should be duplicated to every company in the world. It is second to no one!!!!"

Martin Angelo

"I just like the way the product works overall. Extremely responsive & helpful engineering team who showed Herculean efforts in setting things up properly & I've been very grateful for all that support."

Ken L.
Santa Monica

"I discovered the Vanquish's Anti-Spam Email Security based on a PC Magazine recommendation. That day was the day that I started to regain many hours of time during my week securing new business instead of weeding through and deleting unwanted emails that infiltrated my office's email system.

Not only is your program the best on the market, but the personal service and patience demonstrated by the Vanquish tech support team is unsurpassed. I cannot thank you and your company enough for saving my company from the dreaded spam infiltrating our email everyday - and for designing a very friendly and flexible program."

Marie Zere, President
Zere Real Estate Services

"Sorting through email is no longer a time-consuming issue because everythingís legitimate."

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"I've tried multiple other well known programs and none of them did the job. Most were too cumbersome to implement and worse to maintain. Being in the medical industry makes it very difficult to use other anti-spam products, mostly because many of the words/terms we use regularly wind up being the same words spammers use to peddle their fake products. "

Jim Buteyn
Arrow Medical Mgmt
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"I was most impressed with everyone I have spoken with at Vanquish Labs. These people know their business. Although we are a very small installation, spam is just as much a problem to us as it is to larger organizations. In every contact with Vanquish staff, I was treated as though I was their top client. My questions were always answered thoroughly. Conversations were never rushed and explanations were never unclear"

Ric Patton
Operations Manager
Greater Dallas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
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"Excellent and prompt customer service. We have been using for 3 months and it has virtually stopped all spam, as well as catching all viruses, while letting customers mail still get through to us. I have tried other services; however, the Vanquish staff worked with me to set this up and made the installation very easy."

David Dubois
David Dubois Insurance
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It is rare in this day in age that a company truly does what it states it will do for the customer. But, when kudos are in order, I am more than happy to give them. Between personal, business & my car club, I have about a dozen email addresses floating around the net. Needeless to say, everyone of them has been farmed and my spam mail was so far out of control that I hated even opening up my email. I have tried dozens of products over the years that claimed to remove the spam. Some of them frustrated my customers, some frustrated me and none of them really did the job. VQME is the best kept secret on the net! And during my trial period I emailed a question and received a phone call from the CEO to resolve my problem! I was recently on a business trip for 2 weeks and accessed my email remotely. What a pleasure to not have to sift through hundreds of spam emails on my limited time! Keep up the fantastic work and I will be recommending you to all my clients and friends!

I'm finally spam free!"


"There has virtually been no spam in the inbox, an easy to maintain on-site solution, straightforward routine in order to configure & check Held Mail, the program is always up, and each user's ability to configure their account preferences."

"I found Vanquish to be accommodating, questions were always addressed, and there is great live support."

Steven J. Iozza
Manager of Information Systems
Lowrie, Lando, & Anastasi, LLP
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"I can't tell you how much I appreciate Vanquish Anti-Spam! If I could send you a thank you every day I would! I pray that you and your team never give up on making your dreams come true!"


"Good Guys Win

Let me start by saying I am a low techie. If it isnít easy to use, I donít. This is about the hated SPAM. I donít get much but there were a few that took forever to download and were useless. A friend told me about or VqME. I am not paid to write this.

This SPAM eliminator works differently from all SPAM filters. A SPAMMER can send 300 million messages out for practically nothing. You donít need a low cost home refinance because you rent an apartment. Your 13 year old nephew isnít going to buy a motorcycle this year. You get the picture.

VqME knows your address book and reads your mind. If you have business with AMAZON and/or other vendors who send you confirmation notices, they can get past the filter. Your 18 year old nephew frequents the motorcycle sales sites so that information gets through.

But all those many pain-in-the-neck advertisers are blocked. They are held in a hold file for you to review. As you scroll through the held list you can check off those to release, those to block or those to delete. You donít even have to do this. The hold file is eliminated every three days. But you could scroll through it and discover your Aunt Nettie is on-line now or the boy/girl you dreamed of in high school found you in a reunion notice.

One colleague told me that of almost 1300 messages a week, only 21 were legitimate and VqME let those through. For $24.95/year this is a good deal.

BUT HOW DOES VANQUISH DO IT? This perfect system penalizes the sender. Hence, the bad guys lose. If a spammer sends messages which are of no value to you (the apartment dweller example) spammer is penalized financially by the ISP. Even 1/2Ę penalty for 300 million spams is too gigantic for the sender to sustain. They will take you off their list. You are not involved in this loop. It just happens behind our scenes.

What about tech support? It is the owner. He talks to you in ordinary English, he is patient, he is readily available. He is one of the good guys. I am thrilled with this and plan to keep it forever."

By Susan Mueller

"How To: Eliminate 99% of Your Spam Right Now
How to eliminate 99% of your spam email in 5 minutes flat and keep your email address.
1. Use Vanquish.
That's it - one step. You're done."
- read more

Jon Watson

"Thank you ever so much for your help and patience with my problem. Yes, my problem, not yours but you are there when needed.

I cannot adequately convey how much your service means to me, but I'll try.

You just reinforced my view of "Outstanding" Customer Service of a friendly, knowledgeable and patience staff of people who really care about service to the customer.

The VQME Customer Service, to me, shows your business is setting the example in this day and age, of what others should strive for in customer relations. However, there are very few business who provide this type of service.

ACTION speaks louder than words. Your action this day spoke volumes about the caring support for your customer.

What a refreshing example of a business doing a real and caring customer service, and not a LIP service only.

Just a friendly note to thank you and your staff and to let you know why I'm a VQME customer."


"vqMe is the greatest thing since sliced bread"

Robert Amaral

"I love this program it just rocks"

"I choose Vanquish because I don't believe in filtering, period....on anything. The painless blocking of spam, phishing and virus contaminated email - It just works, period. Of course, one of the underrated benefits is the time savings. The feedback from my users has all been excellent."

Tony Lutman - Bishop Kelley High School
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"This is an unforgiveable, belated thank you for giving me a Vanquish account. I had forgotten what life was like without spam. I periodically check my held mail and smile when I see the dozens of spam that I don't have to deal with. (Interesting, why did the letters suddenly tilt to the right.) Thank you so much; and good luck with Vanquish. Put me on the list when the IPO comes out."

Regards, Jack

"Thanks for VQME. It's great not to be interrupted by incoming spam all day and to know when the mail bell does go off it is something that needs attention."

David Baxter

"Your service is awesome. We love recommending it to our online community."

Linda Schalk

"vqME works great! I went to a site, filled out a form, and the site was automatically added to my accept list!. I have used many spam blockers and I am really impressed with this one, and with your fast reply to questions. "

M Carr

"I look forward to incorporating your new system. This has been some of the best money I have ever spent for anything online. My mailbox now is only filled with what I want"

Dan Rohe

"Thank you for all your excellent work - and thank you for the way you do it."

Britt Bengtsson

"Vanquish restores the simplicity of email."
"I heard about Vanquish on my XM radio on the program Chip Talk. I found it to be all it claimed to be. Before Vanquish I received 450 messages every eight hours. Usually only 15 of them were messages from colleagues and customers. I had come to accept that in order to conduct business on the Internet I had to accept this. Vanquish made me know that I did not have to live like this. The first time I checked my mail with Vanquish I smiled with delight. I did not have to blush or turn quickly with disgust at the offensive intrusions on my PC. The setup was fairly easy. It runs in the background as you work. I have used it with both DSL and Dialup. I found the tech support to exceed anything I have seen before. They are not condescending in their communication. You will find Vanquish makes email enjoyable again."

John O.

"Best thing I have ever done...this spam killer is the best.....really very effective. Thank you!!!"

Kim Fruin

"I have not received one piece of spam since I began using Vanquish and have blocked over 13,000 items of spam. I finally feel as though I can use e-mail efficiently again."

Proud but anonymous user.

"So far this has been an Excellent product."
"I use outlook express version 6.0 and I E 6.0 as well and the program works very well."


"First, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to be a beta-tester for your technology. Over the years I have had the opportunity to beta-test a broad range of software, but this is the first time that, as a beta-tester, I never had a single problem to report... I hope you don't feel disappointed that I failed to find a single bug in your system! ;-)"

John Mahony

"Thank you for your wonderful product. Your customer service staff is top notch. I appreciate the support that I have gotten from your technical staff because I am also in an application support role and understand the challenges and stresses of supporting the end user."

Robert Girolamo

"Thanks for the note. It is nice to see the owners taking an active role in communicating with their customers. It shows you have a class act!!! Please keep up the excellent job. I signed up for two years ... because I know you will still be around at that time... maybe merged with a giant ... You have a tremendous concept ..."

M.A. from Florida

"I used to think spam was no big deal, just delete the email you don't want - it only took a minute or less. But if you are anything like me, you may have gotten on a lot of lists somehow and you are now literally deluged with SPAM. I was getting about 1000 spams a day - up until a week ago. I had been experimenting with filters, but they took more time to update than deleting the spam. I tried one other spam blocker, but found incompatibility issues with my system and had to give it up.

Then, I found a new service that I absolutely love. It works better than anything I have ever used and blocks 98% of my spam while allowing all my friends (or new business) to easily get through to me.

But even more importantly than that, I believe that they have an approach that, when widely implemented will solve the spam problem permanently. Simply put, they shift the cost of sending email by bulk mailers back to the bulk mailers by bonding them! Then, if you get mail from a bulk mailer that you don't want, you get to "penalize" the sender. It's ingenious."

Lou Abbott

"I am delighted and really appreciate it. I'll be recommending this to everyone I communicate with."

Samuel Bierstock, MD

"What else can I say other than , yessssss it works !!! and works very well. It is great to see all the spam , blocked by Vanquish , a very intelligent and effective tool against spam-mail. Not only because your mailbox may ""breathe"" again but because new spam cannot beat the Vanquish barrier.

I also wanted you to know how pleased I am with your customer service ... I almost feel I want to have a question or problem . Answers are very quickly , and very informative - And, if this were not enough, they contact you "after" to be sure everything is often do you get this treatment???

Thank you Vanquish for the consideration you have for your customers."


"First let me tell you I have downloaded and tested at least 7 to 8 programs within this month, January, and I know that I have found what I've been looking for. Vanquish is W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L.

I wanted to continue using my email client but separating the awful spam that I've been receiving. This works for me. Also, my husband does not like to sort, nor is it easy for him to figure out. I have configured it all for him, all he has to do is open our email client. This makes him happy!! It is wonderful, you just don't know how much I am grateful."

Isabel Erikson

"It is a great addition. I am beginning to enjoy using this spam thing now!!
Thanks again. It keeps getting better and better."

Marisa Cherubino

"You folks have done excellent work on a fabulous product. As a small investor, I am thrilled to be associated with the product."

Michael McGovern

"Vanquish provides a product that restores the simplicity and purpose of email. The first time I checked my mail with Vanquish I smiled with delight. I did not have to blush or turn quickly with disgust at the offensive intrusions on my PC.

I have spoken with the founder and technical support on several occasions. If you do have issues that need attention they are equipped to link to your PC and run diagnose the problem. These are great people with a superior product and a commitment to customer service that exceeds anything I have seen before in the computer industry. I urge you to visit their web site and run the trial offer."

John O'Malley

"Great product! It was such a great surprise to get home from work tonite, open my e-mail and only have five messages from people I know. I usually had to delete 25 or 30 "JUNK" messages before I could even get to the real ones. I particularly like the ability to look at the ones you blocked. Way too cool!

I'll be sure to tell all my friends and relatives about you."

Bob Perry

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