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Customer Testimonials

Zere Real Estate Services:"

I discovered the Vanquish's Anti-Spam Email Security based on a PC Magazine recommendation. That day was the day that I started to regain many hours of time during my week securing new business instead of weeding through and deleting unwanted emails that infiltrated my office's email system.

Not only is your program the best on the market, but the personal service and patience demonstrated by the Vanquish tech support team is unsurpassed. I cannot thank you and your company enough for saving my company from the dreaded spam infiltrating our email everyday - and for designing a very friendly and flexible program."

Marie Zere, President
Zere Real Estate Services

Bear Valley Real Estate;

"I first learned of Vanquish from a co-worker who was also running the program. He had signed up for it just a week or two before me and already, the "Smart Feature” of the program had really learned what is spam and what isn't.

In the real estate industry, I literally get scores of daily spam messages that are real estate industry specific and always a complete waste of time. Anyone in our industry knows these messages "1000 FREE REFERRALS!!!" etc. Vanquish has been absolutely superb in filtering these messages, yet letting legitimate messages through.

I am not a "techie" and don't really understand how it all works, but it is amazing. With past spam filters I've used, I end up having to comb through my spam filter box for legitimate messages. After the Vanquish filter gets up to speed, you no longer have to also read your spam looking for these messages.

I also signed up for a Personalization (Branding) Feature that has my custom banner and logo displayed when new contacts are trying to get through to my inbox. This really helps establish an intimate connect between me and a potential client instead of just turning them away at the gate. Of course, anyone you've initiated the contact with comes back through without having to respond.

One of the best things about Vanquish is their level of technical help. In my busy life running a company, I need quick answers to my questions. I've always received very prompt, courteous and non-condescending help from their tech support department. There were some networking issues where my profile had to be recreated, however, each time I was walked through the setup very patiently. They also have an excellently online help tutorial where answers to the most common questions are clearly spelled out.

If you've ever experienced extreme frustration dealing with customer service over the phone with large corporate companies, you'll have the opposite experience at Vanquish. As a small business owner, I really respect how they run their business overall, especially from a customer service perspective."

Joel Barnett, Owner
Bear Valley Real Estate

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