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Technology that Works for Your Community

A+ School Reward Technology money for your schools & non-profits

If you must buy technology, why not choose an awarded Best in Class product that also benefits your school or non-profit?

Keeping up with changing technology is tough enough for most but even tougher for our special interests and their limited budgets. To make it easier to keep up, Vanquish has created the A+ Rewards program. For your school or non-profit to benefit, first check that they on our list, then specify them when you purchase any Vanquish product.

But wait! It gets even better. If you refer a friend, or business, we match the reward for your group! That's right! Both referrer and referee school or non-profit receive a Vanquish A+ Reward, all courtesy of you.

Holiday Special : Doubled Rewards until 3/31/08

Could we make it any sweeter? How about this! There is literally no limit on how much cash you can earn for your special interest group! That's VIP treatment - for our customers and for their community. With Vanquish A+ Rewards, everyone wins each and every time you help someone you know get Vanquish's award-winning email protection.

Cash For Your School
Cash For Your Non-Profit

We start with $5 and never stop. Send us 1 friend and your school gets $5, send us 1 business and your school could get $500! No kidding, no strings attached

a $8 Reward for:

1 vqME friend referred

a $100 Reward for:

1 Business w/30 Employees
3 Businesses w/10 Employees
20 vqME friends

a $500 Reward for:

1 Business w/200 Employees
2 Business w/100 Employees
4 Businesses w/50 Employees
5 Businesses w/30 Employees

The Necessary Details

  • The A+ Reward Program may not be mixed with other Vanquish award incentives.
  • The A+ Reward Program is not available to direct Vanquish employees, Affiliates, Resellers or Distributors.
  • A+ Reward cash rewards are processed for distribution 90 days after the activation of the product purchased.
  • Business referral rewards are calculated at 20% of the entire contract price.
  • New Clients are - Clients that are new to Vanquish (each client with unique email addresses with unique domains) that were directed to purchase the product via the Vanquish website at current retail price.
  • All A+ Rewards Programs Notifications will occur via email.
  • Vanquish A+ Rewards Program may be added to, modified or terminated at any time.
A+ Rewards

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