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Vanquish PRO FAQ

I have just installed but Vanquish PRO does not seem to be working properly.

Here is the quick checklist of the most common problems, please do each of the following in the order outlined. If you wish to try one change at a time, please restart your computer after each change. Upon the restart be sure the change you made is still in effect.

1) Turn off any Popup stopper.
2) Turn off any Spyware.
3) Turn off any Anti-Virus software (Example: Norton Anti-Virus)
4) Turn off any software firewall. (Example: Norton Firewall)
5) Restart your computer.

Now, if Vanquish PRO has been installed you will see a RED V in your system tray. Click on the V and select Tools > Configure Email Accounts. Go through the configuration process (even if you already did this prior to the reboot) and be sure all of your settings are they way you intend them to be. (Your email application must be shut down during Vanquish PRO configuration.)

Note: If you could not locate the Red V in your tray, Vanquish PRO probably did not install properly, therefore please rerun the installation again. You will be taken through the complete install and configuration cycle.

Now, start your email application and check your mail. Vanquish PRO should now be functional.

Note regarding the services above that we asked you to turn off: You can now turn on the following in the order given. If you do each, one at a time you may be able to find out which program was the cause. If you do, each of these programs have a teach feature that will allow you to overcome the limitation.

1) Anti-virus
2) Firewall
3) Popup Stopper
4) Spyware

Where can I download Vanquish PRO - Anti Spam Suite?

  • Retail (Existing User)
  • My subscription (or Bond) has expired. Where do I buy Vanquish PRO?

  • Trial Users
  • Existing users: Renew -or- Add to bond
  • What if spammers send with my own FROM address?

    This means that your own email address has found its way onto your Allow list. This results in admitting mail that includes your address in the "From" field - a deceptive practice that anyone can perform, because there is no standard for verifying sender addresses. You can easily remove the entry by right-clicking on the 'V' icon. Click CONFIGURE and then Allow/Block Lists. Place a check next to your own address and click REMOVE (or if you are on the "View All" tab, check the DELETE column and click SAVE CHANGES).

    You might wonder how your email address got onto your Allow List? It occurred either when you imported your address book or, perhaps, when you sent mail to yourself from a another PC (you may have solved a challenge, thereby adding the address to your list of allowed senders).

    So how can you continue to send mail to your own protected account? -something that is certainly helpful. Here are some alternate methods. Choose the one that works best for you:

    It is preferable to send BONDED messages. Bonds don't identify the sender. Instead, they demonstrate that the sender is willing to risk a cash penalty. Spammers never do this. Incidentally, you can install the same Vanquish PRO account on several PCs without additional cost, but only if the associated email programs are not used simultaneously. See this Release Note.

    Send it from a different email address that is on your Allow list. The "From" address needn't be real. You can invent an alternate email address and place it on your Allow list. Then, it will be your alternate way of gaining access to your other PC. But this technique has a disadvantage. If you send mail to a group of individuals, they may reply to your fabricated address..

    Create a SUBJECT LINE password. To do this, click on Configure -> Smart Subject. Near the top, click ADD. Enter your subject. Any subject that contains these characters will be admitted into your protected email account. If a spammer ever lifts your password (perhaps by coming across one of your email messages, you can delete it and create a new one.

    more info

    Vanquish PRO reported compatibility..

    Adware / Spyware

    Vanquish PRO is not compatible with SpyStopper, because this anti-spyware utility overwrites the operating system host file indiscriminately. As an alternative to SpyStopper, we recommend the following leaders in this area: STOPZilla, SpyBot Search and Destroy or Adaware. Both utilities are free.

    Important: After uninstalling SpyStopper, you can restore Vanquish PRO settings by right clicking on "V" and selecting Configure Email Accounts

    more info

    SpyBot - please disable Lock Hosts file
    Start > Programs > Spybot - Search & Destroy > Spybot-S&D (advanced mode) > Immunize > Uncheck Lock Hosts file

    SpyBot S & D together with Adaware - please disable/undo SpyBot Immunization
    Start > Programs > Spybot - Search & Destroy > Spybot-S&D (advanced mode) > Immunize > Permanently Internet Explorer Immunity > Undo
    Start > Programs > Spybot - Search & Destroy > Spybot-S&D (advanced mode) > Immunize > Browser helper to block bad downloads > Uninstall

    Popup Stopper

    STOPZilla is compatible.


    Norton Anti Virus - or Norton SystemWorks users may experience a problem which causes outgoing mail to be sent twice. To resolve the problem, disable outgoing email scanning from the Norton Anti-Virus control panel (Click Options --> Email Scanning).

    Vanquish PRO IS compatible with the current version of Norton but is NOT compatible with the 2001 version

    Vanquish PRO is currently in development of a new version. The problem reference that has lead you to this note will be addressed in this version. This new version should be available in the next 30 to 45 days. If you would like to be notified when the product is available please (click here) and select "Notify me of new version".

    McAfee VirusScan users build 8016 or 8017 AND Privacy Service. McAfee has posted the following bulletin regarding the effects of McAfee on “Sending and Receiving” email. To resolve this click here for complete instructions from McAfee.

    Email Clients
    Email Auto Configuration works with:
    Microsoft Outlook
    Microsoft Outlook Express
    Email manual configuration available for all other POP email clients
    Vanquish PRO Address Book importer works with:
    Microsoft Outlook
    Microsoft Outlook Express
    Address Book manual import (CSV etc.) available for all other POP email clients

    Be alert for security warnings about Javaw.exe and/or Vanquish.exe You must allow activity from these applications during and after installation.

    more coming soon

    Sending and/or Receiving email will not work properly

    1. Have you restarted your computer after you configured Vanquish PRO protection for the email account in question? If not, please Restart Your Computer.

    2. Users of McAfee VirusScan build 8016 or 8017 AND Privacy Service. McAfee has posted the following bulletin regarding the effects of McAfee on “Sending and Receiving” email. To resolve this click here for complete instructions from McAfee.

    3. It has been found that Vanquish PRO v1.123 has a problem when blocking some specific email addresses. This problem is corrected when updating to current version.

    I can not see some secure pages

    Disable the SurfMatch feature and remove Automatic configuration script from your browser setting.

    I am not receiving new messages OR messages sent to me are being bounced (ie: returned to the sender).

    Your mailbox could be full.

    1. Is your email client configured to “Leave Mail on Server”? If so you may have to clean some old mail off your server.


    2. You may have too much old spam backed up on your server. This can be a problem for people that receive very large amounts of spam each day. In a future version of Vanquish PRO this problem will be addressed. In the meantime, to remove old spam do the following:

    a. Right click on the red “V” select Configure > Status > “Show Pending Challenges”. Select Display All per page. Select “sort” under “Expires”. Select a large of number of the oldest challenges. Then select the Delete action at the top of the list. Now, recheck your mail and these old messages will be deleted.

    b. Right click on the red “V” select Configure > Preferences. Lower the value of “Sender responds to Challenges” to a value lower than what it currently is.

    Problems Updating Vanquish PRO.

    If you are having a problem triggering "Update Vanquish PRO" using the following commands (Start > Programs > Vanquish > Update Vanquish.) Please choose one the following two options.

    1) If you to in making a simple change you may follow these instructions to correct the problem 100%:

    You may need to alter the properties of the following shortcut. To do so select Start > Programs > Vanquish > and then RIGHT click on Update Vanquish and select properties. In the field labeled "Target" remove the second half of the entered text so it reads only: "C:\Program Files\Vanquish\UpdateVanquish.exe" (Including the quotations marks). Note: The example shown assumes you installed into the default location (C:\Program Files) when you installed Vanquish PRO. If you chose another location during your install (such as C:\MyPrograms) you would alter the above to read: "C:\MyPrograms\Vanquish\UpdateVanquish.exe".


    2) Select Start > Run and enter the following into the Open line: "C:\Program Files\Vanquish\UpdateVanquish.exe" (Including the quotations marks) This problem will automatically be repaired in our next update. However please note: Either save, or return to this notice, one more time as you will have to perform the above to retrieve the next update that will correct these settings automatically

    To install separate Vanquish PRO user accounts on a single PC

    a. Each user must log in to Windows separately. *

    b. Users of Windows XP must disable Fast Task Switching
        START --> Settings --> Control Panel --> User Accounts

        Click: "Change the way users log on or off"

        UNCHECK: "Use Fast User Switching"

    Now you may install Vanquish PRO for each using normal installation procedures.

    Uninstall Vanquish PRO

    We have received reports of difficulties with the uninstall utility included in versions 1.085 and earlier. Depending upon your PC configuration, the process may fail to complete. In certain situations, it may be difficult to exit Vanquish PRO.

    The following procedure can be used to manually exit and uninstall Vanquish PRO. You can safely follow these instructions, even if you have already tried to uninstall from Control Panel or by clicking on the shortcut in the Vanquish PRO programs folder.

    Don't panic. Your original installation of Vanquish PRO did not fiddle with your Windows registry other than to identify the program folder and add a prefix to the server address in your email applications. The following steps completely remove Vanquish PRO and restore all settings:

    a) Close your email application and then exit Vanquish PRO:

    i. Right-click on the Vanquish PRO icon and choose Exit. —or—

    ii. If that doesn't shut down Vanquish PRO, press CTRL-ALT-DEL. This brings up the Windows Task Manager. Click the tab "Processes" and click the top of the column "Image Name" to sort alphabetically. Look for Vanquish. If present, highlight and END TASK. Do the same for the process Javaw.

    b) Use the Windows feature Start > Search > Files or Folders. Locate and delete the following two folders:

    i. ".vanquish" (begins with dot) -- In Win XP, it is under Documents and Settings and under your Windows user name. In earlier versions of Windows, it is beneath C:\Windows.

    ii. "vanquish" (without a dot) -- located under "C:\Program Files".

    c) Open your email application (Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape, etc). Enter the Tools or Preferences menu and locate the account profiles for email addresses that you configured for use with Vanquish PRO. Find the tab or screen that lets you view addresses for the incoming (SMTP) and outgoing (POP3) mail servers.

    Remove the Vanquish PRO prefix if it is present. E.g. If your mail server is "", Vanquish PRO may have modified it to be " You want to REMOVE the leading characters "vq.username.", where 'username' is your Vanquish PRO user name.

    Repeat this step for each email application and email profile that you configured for spam protection in Vanquish PRO.

    d) Click Start > Find Files and search for "Hosts". The file you are looking for has no extension (just "Hosts"). In Windows XP it is under the folder \Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc. Use Notepad or any text editor to remove the Vanquish PRO section near the bottom, including the lines #Begin Vanquish Definitions -and- #End Vanquish Definitions. Then save the file.

    e) Finally, click Start > Find Files and search for Vanquish. Delete these shortcuts. You may find a desktop icon, Vanquish program group, and one in the startup group. Delete them all.

    Re-installing Vanquish PRO

    Beginning with version 1.1, Vanquish PRO has significantly improved performance and a more seemless update process. To RE-install Vanquish PRO (on this or any other PC), visit and use your existing Vanquish PRO username and password. Choose "Download Software" and proceed to install.

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