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Vanquish PRO Release Notes

Version 1.174 2/23/2004
  • Added Support entry into Help menu
  • Changed menus to ease conversion from trial to regular subscription
Version 1.170 1/27/2004
  • Fixed error in displaying Preferences page
  • Fixed bug which displayed Security Warning in Outlook
  • Minor changes to user interface
Version 1.168 Released 1/15/2004
  • Fixed bug in registration user interface
  • Improved recovery if properties file gets corrupted
  • Held Mail is accessible from main menu on V icon
  • Minor changes to message banners and other user interfaces
Version 1.160 Released 12/29/2003
  • Fixed bug related to corrupted data base on updates
  • Removed Alternate Data Base Directory entry from Preferences menu
Version 1.157 Released 12/26/2003
  • Fixed bug related to multiple accounts
  • Fixed bug related to using ports other than 110 (POP) and 25 (SMTP)
  • Fixed bug in Same Subject Match
  • New style banner at top of message
  • Blinking icon in lower right-side of screen during send/receive
  • User can select not to notify unknown/unbonded senders if Confirmation Request is not used
  • Improved recovery when data base is corrupted
  • Several improvements to user interface
Version 1.135 Released 11/19/2003
  • Fixed bug in address book import
  • Fixed bug which occasionally generated an error when updating
Version 1.132 - Released 11/14/2003
  • Fixed bug which caused users with multiple accounts to not see the Allow or Challenge lists after updating
Version 1.131 - Released 11/11/2003
  • Fixed bug which caused hang with entries in Block List (only certain POP servers)
  • Fixed bug to prevent hangs when certain illegal characters are present in xml messages
  • Detects when multiple instances of proxy are trying to run
  • Numerous improvements to User Interface
  • Address import feature now reports how many addresses imported and how many left
  • Reduced memory usage by 2 Mbytes
  • Improved logging for error reporting
Version 1.124 - Released 10/7/2003
  • Blocks Data Base transactions during update
  • Handles Properties file in old format
Version 1.121 - Released 10/01/2003
  • Fixed bug which prevented uninstaller from running in some cases
  • Fixed bug which could cause messages to be unconditionally accepted under certain conditions
  • Added check for java version number
  • Improved user screens related to install
Version 1.110 - Released 9/23/20
  • Import address book feature introduced
  • Significant increase in speed of scanning mailbox with thousands of messages
  • Fixed bug related to protected email address confirmation
  • Eliminated problems with install in Win98 and WinME
  • Fixed bug related to multiple "from" fields in header
  • Improved uninstaller; better user interface
  • Improved user screens for Allow/Block, Domain Lists
Version 1.085 - Released 8/18/2003
  • Fixed bug related to bond validation
Version 1.084 - Released 8/18/2003
  • Fixed updater error problems
  • Added Same Subject list viewing and editing
  • Uninstall procedure restores original email addresses
  • Fixed bug which caused errors when special symbols ($,\) were used for Same Subject match
  • Fixed bug related to simultaneously admitting and deleting messages on Challenge Pending list
  • Properly flag email setup error when address is already registered to another user
  • Fixed bug that prevented some sites to be accessed when using SurfMatch
Version 1.073 - Released 8/7/2003
  • Changed POP server timeout to 5 minutes on Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora
  • Fixed bug related to detecting email addresses used with certain versions of Outlook
Version 1.072 - Released 7/29/2003
  • Same Subject match set to 13 characters
  • Improved recovery from network outages
  • Introduced Java version 1.4.2 (for existing users requires new download)
  • Detection and reporting of attempted forged bond
  • Subscription expiring screen changed
Version 1.068 - Released 7/18/2003
  • Provide for update method for users who have not completed the installation
  • Improve speed performance when central server is down or unreachable
  • Added button to access Release Notes from "V" icon menu
Version 1.067 - Released 7/17/2003
  • Right click on "V" now works in all versions of Windows
  • Inactivated links (Penalize, Add to Allow, etc.) in banners contained in Forward/Reply messages
  • Fixed bug with Same Subject match
  • Fixed bug that prevented challenges from being issued when there were certain illegal characters used in Subject field
  • Fixed bug that was causing a problem in the data base when Subject was blank
  • Fixed bugs related to installing on WinME
  • Fixed problem with Update button in Win98 and WinME
  • Configure menu on "V" icon now works in Win98
  • Speeded up proxy startup
  • Added warning screen on startup if installation was not properly completed
  • New screen menus/help for installation
  • Logging enabled to capture problems; capability for user to send trouble reports
  • Improved update procedure - one click stops proxy, updates and restarts proxy
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