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vqNOW Trial Start Page

You've chosen the simplest, most powerful email protection for your business.

Let's get started by linking your current email system with vqNOW. Once you are activated, there are many ways you can customize your account and security settings.

Complete these two steps, then click the submit button. We'll get your account rolling and shortly you'll receive an email from us with instructions on how to securely access your vqNOW trial control panel.

v Activate your company's Trial account with vqNOW. Just some basic info allows us to turn on your trial service at the vqNOW anti-spam data center.
Personalization: (new)
* You will be the system administrator for your company' vqNOW trial service.
v Enroll individual users for your company. You can always add or delete users later, but it's easier for you if you create this initial list of mailboxes now. Type one user per line, using their current email address. Offering a default password is optional.
[If a preferred password is not submitted vqNOW issues a default password which is the same for all users, until you (or they) change it. You'll get this password in your next email.]


v Are you changing email providers or email servers at this time? If no skip to this section

We can deliver your clean mail anywhere to an ISP, a hosted service or your own mail server. Normally, we will determine the name of your accepting server. But if your email service or email server is undergoing change at the same time as you begin to use vqNow, we will need the name or IP address of the new accepting mail service.

Accepting Mail Server IP or Name (name is preferred):

v Do you have complete control of a dedicated mail server for your company? If no skip this section

If you currently use a dedicated mail server, supporting email only for your domain, we can add it to our trusted list. This way, your users needn't change their individual email program settings.

If the answer to the above is yes enter the IP address of your server.

v Special Comments
v Done Submit to start trial account creation.

Notice This form is for account creation only. Your email cannot be passed through your new vqNOW account until you login in and turn it on. Your email is important, we understand that, so should you at any time have questions or concerns please feel free to contact us here and a live support representative will respond to you shortly


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